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Ballpark Digest Notes That Akron May Bring Back Baseball

Baseball has been missing on the University of Akron campus for the last couple of years. BallparkDigest.com noted that may be on the verge of being rectified in the near future. University of Akron Working to Restore Baseball Program

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Dr. Tom Hanson

Baseball’s Mental Game — The Truth To Become The Best Player Possible

By Dr. Tom Hanson and Ken Ravizza Take a breath. Have a routine. Go to your focal point. Play one pitch at a time. All these are solid tips for improving a baseball player’s mental game. If you tell a batter to 1) put his back foot in the box, 2) take a long, slow…

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NCAA Approves Bat Testing

Last year at the annual ABCA Convention more than a few coaches suggested there was some bat tampering once again taking place at the Division I level. The Southeastern Conference has been at the forefront of nipping this problem in the bud by requiring bat testing, and the NCAA has decided to follow suit. You…

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SEC Dominates Baseball America’s Top Recruiting Classes

The Southeastern Conference was represented well in Baseball America’s top recruiting classes. Seven programs ranked among the nation’s top 11 classes, led by head coach Tim Corbin’s Vanderbilt Commodores. SEC Earns High Marks In Recruiting

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